InWorker major gift officer

Are you a people-person with a passion for making a difference?

INWORKER Major Gift Officer
Development and Fundraising

Department: Development and Fundraising
Employment Type: Full-time, remote
Minimum Experience: Intermediate/Expert

Hours of work are generally between peak hours to connect with donors 11:00 AM to 8:00 p.m. EST,  (This can vary depending on the non-profit partner and needs).

Job Purpose 

Are you ready to make a BIG impact in the world of philanthropy? We're seeking a dynamic, passionate, and supercharged Major Gift Officer to join our team. As a Major Gift Officer, you'll have the opportunity to unleash your fundraising prowess and help us transform lives in the most awe-inspiring ways. Get ready to rock the world of fundraising like a true superhero!

Responsibilities and Duties, but not limited to:

  • Rockstar Relationship Building: You'll be the lead guitarist in cultivating and nurturing relationships with major donors. Your charisma and charm will set the stage for meaningful connections, while your genuine passion for our cause will strike a chord with our philanthropic partners.
  • Concert-like Fundraising Events: Strap on your fundraising guitar and stage-manage spectacular events to engage high-net-worth individuals. You'll create an electric atmosphere, leaving attendees absolutely buzzing about our organization's mission and eager to open their hearts (and wallets).
  • Amplify Donor Engagement: Unleash your creative genius and develop innovative strategies to keep our donors engaged, excited, and committed. From personalized thank-you videos to backstage access to our projects, you'll craft unforgettable experiences that will make our supporters feel like true VIPs.
  • Orchestra of Philanthropic Strategies: Collaborate with our superstar team to compose compelling fundraising strategies. You'll harmonize your efforts with the marketing and communications team to ensure our messages resonate like a chart-topping hit, inspiring major gifts that make a resounding impact.
  • Hit the High Notes of Fundraising Goals: With your finger on the pulse of fundraising trends and best practices, you'll set and achieve ambitious fundraising goals that will leave our competition rocking in their boots. You'll measure success not just by the amount of money raised, but by the lives transformed through our programs.


  • Supercharged Passion: You eat, breathe, and sleep philanthropy. Your love for making a difference is infectious, and you're ready to channel that energy into transforming lives.
  • Fundraising Chops: You're a fundraising virtuoso with a proven track record of securing major gifts. You know how to build relationships, close deals, and turn potential supporters into loyal fans.
  • Stage Presence: You're a natural-born performer who can captivate an audience with your charisma and storytelling abilities. You're not afraid to step into the spotlight and inspire others to join our mission.
  • Creative Composition: You're a maestro when it comes to crafting innovative fundraising strategies. You're always one step ahead, creating harmonious campaigns that resonate with our donors' hearts and minds.
  • Team Player Extraordinaire: You thrive in a collaborative environment, where you can harmonize with colleagues and contribute your unique talents to the symphony of our team's success.

Competencies and Capacities (Skills and Abilities)
  • A passion to work in a fast-paced, fully integrated fundraising environment and an appreciation for the mission and purpose of your non-profit partner.
  • Ability to build strong Relationship and network building.
  • Teamwork and supervision of others.
  • Working closely with colleagues and management.
  • Working closely with the public, clients, or volunteers.
  • Attention to detail, sound judgment and organization ability.
  • Ability to meet tight and frequent deadlines.
  • Knowledge of tools such as donor relationship management software, Microsoft suite, google suite, project management tools such as, Trello, Asana, Bitrix24, Teams, etc. 

Why Join our team?

  • You have a passion to live our mission and support nonprofits around the world and accelerating their mission by providing them with the capacity they need to achieve their goals and objectives.
  • Join a culture where we our employees are invested in and passionate about the work they do to drive thoughtful innovation and growth.

Join us on this extraordinary journey and be part of a movement that's changing the world, one major gift at a time. We can't wait to hear your fundraising riffs and see the awe-inspiring impact we'll make together!

Note: At InWorker, we celebrate diversity and believe in equal opportunities for all.

Interested? Then let us know with your resume and a letter of interest by applying below. Only those candidates selected for an interview will be contacted.


Join our team and let's make great things happen together!